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The VersaStick is the best piece of portable fitness equipment we've found.  It is the perfect combination of portable and versatile.  We were blown away by the number of different things you can do with this one incredibly simple piece of equipment.  The company says there are over 120 completely different exercise you can do and we believe it.  Plus with three diferent exercise bands you can get a lot of resistance.

Since the whole thing weighs only 3 pounds and it fits into a carry-on bag, it is perfect for anyone who travels.  The TSA does allow you to take VersaStick on planes as a carry-on item.

It also comes with one of the most extensive fitness DVD's we've ever seen.  There are six different resistance workouts and a cardio/resistance workout.

The DVD includes:
  • Three Day a Week Program :: Great Program with three completely different workouts.
  • LunchTime/Quick Workout :: If you're on the go and you want to get a great workout in about ten minutes.
  • Core Stability :: An amazing core-centric workout that increase core strength, stability & flexibility.
  • Freestanding Resistance :: If you don't have a place to use the door anchor this is a great workout that still incorporates the full-body.
  • Cardio/Resistance (35 minutes) :: A high intensity, nonstop workout that will tax your muscles and get your heart pumping.

To learn more click here: VersaStick Complete Travel Gym (www.versastick.com)

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