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Public Parks Make Great Gyms

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Dear Fellow Business Traveler,

"Public space is for living, doing business, lissing and playing.  It can't be measured with economics; it must be felt with the soul."     -Enrique Peñalosa

We're big fans of the public parks.  They truly are an amazing resource that I think we all take for granted from time to time.  But, I think we especially overlook them when they aren't in our own home town.  Everywhere you travel there are great parks that provide a wonderful place to exercise, or work, or just simply escape.  We all know about Central Park, but that's about it.  Well, every city has great parks to offer, as well.  In this month's newsletter, we encourage you to get out there and enjoy our parks.  That's what they're there for.

To Your Health, 
Healthy Travel Network

squareThe city parks are ours... we should enjoy them.

1. An area of land set aside for public use, as:
    a. A piece of land with few or no buildings within or adjoining a town, maintained for recreational and ornamental purposes.
    b. A landscaped city square.
    c. A large tract of rural land kept in its natural state and usually reserved for the enjoyment and recreation of visitors.
2. A broad, fairly level valley between mountain ranges: the high parks of the Rocky Mountains.
3. A tract of land attached to a country house, especially when including extensive gardens, woods, pastures, or a game preserve.
4. Sports A stadium or an enclosed playing field: a baseball park.
    a. An area where military vehicles or artillery are stored and serviced.
    b. The materiel kept in such an area.
6. An area in or near a town designed and usually zoned for a certain purpose: a commercial park.
7. A position in an automatic transmission that disengages the gears and sets the brake so the vehicle cannot move: put the car in park and turned off the engine.

The major cities in the United States have an average total parkland of 10.5 percent of city land.  That’s a whole lot of open space acreage available for you to use.  Parks provide a great escape from all of the concrete and asphalt of the urban metropolises we all travel to.  Chances are that there will be a park within relatively close proximity to where you are staying on your next trip.


Los Angeles, for instance, while being the second most populated city in the U.S., has almost 24,000 acres of public parkland areas scattered throughout the city for hiking, biking, climbing stairs, or even working out on pre-fabricated fitness stations.  These are all great options for people who travel on business.    


Having such inviting and safe places to exercise not only makes fitness outdoors a cheap way to stay in shape, but it also keeps many of us from falling in the rut of skipping workouts due to our busy life schedule due to travel, traffic or even time.  For those who want to head to the local park with nothing more than a water bottle and an MP3 player there are the options of chin up bars and body weight resistance exercises such as push-ups, dips and squats.  Parks with fitness stations available usually have areas with instruction and diagrams showcasing these exercises among others. 


So, head on out and take advantage of all the resources that are already out there, begging to be used and appreciated.


We’d love to hear from all of you.  Tell us about your favorite public park.  This will be a good way to exchange ideas and help other travelers with your experience.  Eventually, we'll build a database of parks for each city that you can use to help plan your trips.  Just send us an e-mail to customerservice@healthytravelnetwork.com.

squareMore Helpful Information

Here are a few websites that are wonderful park resources and may even change the way you look at and think of the parks all around you. 

City Parks Alliance


:: Project for Public Spaces


:: The Trust for Public Land

:: Parks Practices

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