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Visit our Travel Fitness Blog for all of the latest fitness, exercise, and nutrition news for business travelers.

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Basal and Active Metabolic Rate Cacluator for Business Travelers

Healthy Travel Network Tools for Business Travelers

Compute your basal and active metabolic rates to determine your calorie needs.

Calories Per Hour
Wondering how many calories you will burn walking through the airport terminal? This awesome calorie burning calculator factors in sex, age, height, and weight to give you an accurate reading of the calories burned doing everything from walking to applying make up (nine calories in five minutes), as well as a rather humorous comparison of the selected activity to eating a onion rings, a Big Mac, or an apple.

Body Building / Strength Training / Personal Trainers / Weight Training for Business Travelers

Freedomfly.net :: The Bodybuilding and Fitness Information Network
Freedomfly is your fitness depot offering Fitness Articles, Supplement Reviews, Bodybuilding Forums, Bodybuilding Tips, Free Weight Training Programs

I Am My Personal Best
We are a full service fitness center as well as a school training individuals to become personal fitness trainers.  We are located on the northwest side of Denver near the Denver West Office Park.  We welcome business travelers to use our fitness center or participate in our group classes.  Only $10.00 a visit for drop-ins.

Personal Trainer

Fitness, Personal Fitness Trainer Exercise, Nutrition, Personal Trainer, Fitness Information

Corporate Wellness Programs for Business Travelers


Looking for a corporate weight management or wellness program for your business travelers? Check out TraveLean, founded by PhD psychologist Terry Riley.

Fitness and Exercise for Business Travelers


Fitness and health information. Be Fit! Learn fitness exercises, fitness programs, and all other fitness information.

Find a gym close to the airport and workout between flights!

American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Fun travel fitness tips.

Big Fitness
Exchange Links and Shop Big Fitness for new and used quality Fitness Equipment.

Fit for Business

Fit For Business offers membership-based discounts for high-end, top-quality fitness facilities throughout the US. Try their online search.


getfitsource is a site for home fitness exercise equipment, information and news.  getfitsource’s primary focus is to sell functional and movement fitness equipment but we also sell other fitness and health products.

Health and Fitness Blog
A source for exercise, health and nutrition advice, and information on exercise programs, building muscle and more...

General directory for women's fitness equipment, clothing, and resources.

Get running and walking maps for cities around the world.

Simple Fitness Solutions

Get travel-ready fitness products from Simple Fitness Solutions.

Tips and tricks on exercise and packing from the authors of Travel Fitness and Feel Better, Perform Better on the Road

Total Fitness Network
Learn effective fitness tips for business travel.

Workouts For You

Get a quick and easy hotel room workout.

Fitness Equipment, Clothing, and Other Gear

Big Fitness

BiG FiTNESS is the Web's premier retailer of new and used fitness equipment.

Dumbbells, Weights
PowerBlocks are the world's best dumbbells. Use these adjustable weight dumbbells for dumbbell workout, dumbbell exercises, dumbbell workouts & dumbbell training

Sports Clothing
Online retailer of gym-wear, yoga/pilates/aerobic clothing, dancewear, swim-wear, and beach-wear; stocking jazz pants, kick flares, capri pants, lycra leggings, shorts, tank tops, crop-tops, swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis, and more.


Features hands-on reviews of outdoor, fitness, and travel products (and urban gear) for active people. Read about  such products as Moonstone's Lucid Down jacket, Vasque's Summit Sundowner Boots, Griffin's voice recorder for iPod, OR Gear's Vert pants , Smartwool's baselayers, and much more.  Also featuring: travel planning links, shopping links, and coming in Spring, a dedicated travel section.

General Health Resources for Business Travelers

Gait Analysis Seattle

Our 4-camera gait-analysis system with slow-motion video allows the doctors to carefully evaluate each moment of your walking to help determine your most appropriate treatment


Online shopping resource for health products, supplem

Mellanie True Hills

Mellanie True Hills is the Health and Productivity Revitalizer. Her web site is packed with Healthy Living Tips, and you can subscribe to her Healthy Living Newsletter.

Passport Health
Visit or call a Passport Health location near you to get vaccines and international travel health information.


Turn to SleepTravel.com for resources and products to help you sleep while you travel.


Free newsletter packed with practical health and fitness information at www.yourhealthstyle.com.

Asthma Relief UK

Asthma Relief in Uk manufacture low cost nebuliser for use where there is limited or no power sources available.

Enzymus Medical Laboratories

Enzymus Medical Enzyme and probiotic medications available without a prescription. Makers of Neprinol FibroVera Syntol and Devacor alleviate scar tissue, inflamation, arthritus, blood clots and autoimmune conditions.

California Health Insurance

Blue Shield of California, an independant member of the Blue Shield Association, is a not-for-profit health plan dedicated to providing Californians with access to high quality care at a reasonable price.

Hotel Resources for Fitness

Custom In-Room Workouts
Leah Garcia Fitness, Custom In-Room Workouts are a stand-alone fitness tool available via the Pay-Per-View systems in hotel rooms and on a portable (2) Set DVD.  The routines meet the special needs for working out within the confines of a small room and complement existing training programs.

In Room Fitness

Prefer to do your treadmill workout in your room? Check out In Room Fitness to find a hotel that offers treadmill delivery and/or treadmill equipped rooms.


Check out HealthClubs.com to find a gym near your hotel.

Nutrition and Diet for Business Travelers

Dr. Barry Sears
Pharmaceutical grade fish oil produced by Dr. Barry Sears Zone and source for Dr. Sears Zone bars, Zone shakes, the Omega Rx Zone book and OmegaRx ultra refined fish oil.

Himalayan Goji Berry
Each one-liter bottle of Freelife Goji Juice contains the equivalent of more than 2 pounds of fresh goji berries!

The Isogenics System

Source for the Isogenics cleansing and Isagenix fat burning system.

Weight Loss

Discover the best weight loss advice, tips, and information on one site while pointing you to the absolute best weight loss products that are truly worthy.

Weight Loss Diet Information

A Weight Loss and Diet Advice Cornucopia and a FREE Diet Plan.

Weight Loss Help

This site provides Free Weight loss help, tips and Free weight loss advice on Permanent weight loss.

My Food Chart Info - What is Fast Food?

Fast food in this Fast World.  But, is it healthy?

Restaurant Resources for Diet and Nutrition

McDonald's Bag-A-Meal

Grabbing food on the go? Check out McDonald's nifty Bag-A-Meal tool to compute calories and nutrition.

McDonald's Go Active
Check out the many free fitness resources on McDonald's new Go Active web site, including an online personal trainer, diet and nutrition information, and special sections for kids and teens.

Miscellaneous Resources

BlogTopSites Travel Directory
Check out the top Blogs for travel.

Health Insurance
Free Health Insurance quotes from ExtendOne - Affordable individual health insurance

URascal.com is an internet search engine and directory categorized by topic.  It includes both general and specialty topics.

Wine Clubs for Wine Lovers
CWine Clubs come and go - Celebrations wine of the month club has been perfecting our art for over 17 years!

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