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Always Wear Proper Footwear

..:: It is amazing how many people wear flip flops, sandals or heels when they travel. A lot of people sustain foot and ankle injuries because they weren't wearing proper footwear. When you are traveling you really need to wear good, comfortable walking shoes. Most people walk a lot more and on surfaces they are not used to when they travel. Plus, you have to deal with luggage for long periods of time which is a much heavier load than most of us are used to handling in our daily lives. If you start with a comfortable, supportive foundation you will have a much better trip all around and you're less likely to come home in a cast.


Know your Surroundings

..:: This sounds like common sense and everyone should know this. But, it is easier than you may think to loose your self in thought; or on your cell phone; or listening to your iPod while running and if you are in a city that you are not familiar with you can get get turned around and disoriented rather quickly. This be can be compounded even further if you are in a country where you don't speak the language. As you prepare for any outing while you are away, be sure to map out your route first. You can also talk to the hotel staff where you are staying and ask them for suggestions.

..:: How fit are you? Compute your fitness level and body mass index (BMI) with our handy calculator.

..:: Try our BMR calculator for an eye-opening assessment of your calorie needs.

..:: During your travels, you'll visit many public places and shake lots of hands. Remember that most germs are transmitted through touch, so wash your hands with soap and warm frequently. Carry a pocket-size bottle of hand sanitizer and make liberal use of it.

..:: Keep it to yourself. If you're sick, stay home. Your clients and co-workers will appreciate it, and you'll get better faster.

..:: Visit LowCarb Living magazine to use great online and free fitness tools such as diet and nutrition trackers, activity logs, and to participate in a variety of weight loss and healthy living forums. Look for Healthy Travel Network content on their site, too.

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