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Luggage Can Be a Pain

..:: During that mad rush to disembark the plane upon arrival when passengers are bending backwards, leaning across seats and twisting around to wrestle a heavy bag out the overhead storage bin, while they aren't even able to get out in the aisle and stand up straight, is the perfect opportunity to sustain an unexpected injury. 

This is all too often the culprit behind a shoulder, back or wrist problem that will seem to stay around forever. The best thing to do is be smart. Wait until you can properly get it down without having to strain. An extra minute or two won't kill you. Also, if you have a really heavy checked bag, it might be a good idea to get someone to help you get it off of the carousel. 

Travel Smart!


Get Some Fresh Air

..:: An airplane is a relatively small space that is tightly sealed with many people sharing the same limited air supply. A recent study found that a few airlines were not recirculating the air between flights while they were on the ground, or replacing the air filters as often as they should be. Since you never know how "unclean" the air is on the plane, when you are on a brief layover between legs of a flight make sure to leave the plane long enough to get a little fresh air. Maybe it will help you from getting a cold from that guy in 21a. 


Healthy Snacks Help Avoid Temptation

..:: To avoid being tempted by airport fast food and junk food, pack healthy snacks. Having snacks on-hand also helps ensure you won't be stuck eating unhealthy foods if you are stranded due to travel delays.

..:: Try a few of Healthy Travel Network's favorites:
  • Peanuts
  • Dried fruit (check the label for no sugar added varieties)
  • Soy nuts
  • Pretzels (consider low sodium brands)
  • Dry cereal (look for whole grain, no sugar added varieties)
  • Raisins
  • Protein bars
  • Instant "cup of soup" (If you are planning on eating on the plane, remember to bring a plastic spoon.)
..:: Even healthy snacks lose their goodness if you eat enough of them. Avoid over indulging by packing single-serving sizes.

..:: Keep only enough for the current day readily accesible in your briefcase, purse, or laptop bag.


Water Prevents Dehydration

..:: Carry your own water with you, and drink at least eight ounces per hour that you are on the plane.

..:: Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, so forgo coffee, tea, and sodas. If you were lucky enough to get an upgrade, skip the free cocktail in first class.


Survey Your Airport Dining Options

..:: If, despite your best attempts, you find yourself stranded at the airport at meal-time, survey your dining options before making a selection. Many airport vendors have added healthy eating options.

..:: Look for
  • Salads
  • Nuts (not too many!)
  • Dried fruit (look for no sugar added varities)
  • Protein shakes and bars
..:: Be sure to check the information directory before you go through security. Otherwise, you might stand in line for 30 minutes only to find out there's nothing healthy to eat on the other side.

..:: You might have to walk to the other end of the terminal to find something good... But then again, if you're stranded you probably have time to do so!

Find out which airports have the healthiest food and what some of your best dining options in the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine report.
..:: If you can't find anything healthy, order a half portion... even if the price is the same.


Workout While You Wait

..:: Remember to wear sneakers or stow them in your carry-on. We recommend wearing them; regardless of any exercise you do, your back and feet will thank you.

..:: Wear clothing that can double as workout gear.

..:: Stash your gear in a locker (or leave it with an unsuspecting collegue), and take a power walk around the terminal.

..:: If you have ample time, visit a nearby gym and get a real workout. Check out www.airportgyms.com for nearby facilities.

..:: Skip the people mover!

..:: Take the stairs!

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