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    Eat healthy even if you are dining out.


Know How Much You're Eating

..:: Portion Sizes
Keep the portions small while you are constantly eating out during your travels. Even if a restaurant serves you a lot of food, you don't have to eat it.  This will allow you to try more food options as you travel to different cities and countries.  It will also keep you from trying some crazy crash diet or starving routine in order to lose the weight you gained as you traveled.

..:: Calorie Tracking
Many consider tracking calories to be far too time consuming, especially when you are traveling. But now there are some easier ways to do it. Calorie-count.com is an amazing resource for knowing exactly what you are consuming. They have lists for most of the major restaurants you will be eating at when you travel. 


It's easy to consume more than you intended when you're dining out. To avoid travel weight gain, practice portion control and watch out for hidden calories.

..:: Try our BMR calculator for an eye-opening assessment of your calorie needs.

Portion Control

..:: Ask if the restaurant has half portions or lunch-size portions.

..:: Order a to-go box with your meal. When the meal arrives, put half of it into the box right away.

..:: Indulge in dessert, but ask to see the dessert tray so that you can see the portion sizes before ordering.

..:: Better yet, ask the waiter to split one dessert between everyone at the table.


Avoid Hidden Calories

..:: When the waiter brings the breadbasket, move it to the other end of the table or get rid of it altogether. If you are dining with others, pass it around once and then hand it back to the waiter.

..:: Ask to have your meal (including vegetables) prepared without butter or oil.

..:: Ask for sauces and dressings to be served on the side.

..:: Substitute steamed vegetables for rice, potatoes, or pasta.

..:: Avoid alcohol. For a festive alternative, try cranberry juice with diet ginger ale or Sprite.

..:: Use artificial sweetener in your coffee, and ask for skim milk rather than cream.


Fast Food Success

..:: Spend some time studying the nuitrition content of various fast-food items. (Most vendors offer details on their web site.) Pick ones that you like and that are calorie, fat, and carb conscious. Then look for those items while you are on the run.

..:: Don't be fooled by seemingly healthy fast food options. Always check the label for calorie, saturated fats, carbs, and sugars.

..:: Look for other healthy restaurant ideas in our Frequent Flier Crier article.

Eat In

..:: If you are staying in the same hotel for multiple days, ask for a room with a refrigerator and microwave, and then make a quick trip to the grocery store. Look for fresh, prepared items that you can reheat in your room. As always, check the label for nutrition content.

..:: Check out snack ideas on our Travel Fitness Blog.

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