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Submit your site to our Healthy Travel Network Resources Directory. Our directory provides links to valuable health, fitness, diet, and wellness resources for business travelers.

To submit your link, simply fill out the form below. All fields are required. We reserve the right to refuse any link or to edit link titles and descriptions for clarity, grammatical correctness, and content. To keep the quality of our content high, only links relevant to health, fitness, exercise, diet, nutrition, and wellness will be considered. Sites may only be submitted once and may only be listed under a single category.

If you are submitting an individual hotel, please use our Fit Hotels submission form.

We will put your link online in approximately two to three weeks after receipt. If you need to update your site link after it has been listed, please send us an email at customerservice@healthytravelnetwork.com.

We appreciate reciprocal links. To add a reciprocal link, use the information below:

Title: Healthy Travel Network

Description: Provides fitness products, information, tips, and guides for business travelers. Free newsletter, free hotel gym listings, and other tools for keeping business travelers fit.

URL: http://www.healthytravelnetwork.com/

Please contact us at customerservice@healthytravelnetwork.com if you need assistance.

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