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February 2005 Newsletter

Traveling with Your Woman's Body

Dear Fellow Business Traveler,

Our feature article this month is from contributing author Jane Riley. Jane is an internationally known health and fitness expert and the general manager of Designing Bodies, a unique one-on-one personal training facility in Raleigh, NC. Despite the title of this month's feature, Jane's article provides great health and fitness travel tips that will benefit all of us--both men and women.

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To Your Health,
Customer Service, Healthy Travel Network and Chief Fitness Officer

squareTraveling with Your Woman's Body 

by Jane Riley, BA, ART, CPT, general manager of Designing Bodies

Exercise and eating right are fundamentals with any fitness and health program, although they can be hard to do when you're on the road for business or family get-togethers.

Eating healthy is the first problem. What I've found is to be very specific in my needs when ordering at a restaurant; if they put dressing on your salad, rather than on the side, send it back. Tell the server quite honestly that you have health concerns and cannot eat food prepared that way. If your toast comes slathered in butter and you've asked for it dry, then send it back. We all know the rules of lower fat, lower simple sugars and lower alcohol consumption. It's not that tricky, and it does work.

Travel with your own food whenever possible. Nobody can convince me it is more convenient to search for a place to eat or a vending machine than it is to carry some apples, oranges and whole-wheat crackers. It's always more cost efficient to carry your own as well. In addition, if you're traveling alone, it's less dangerous to eat your own food in your own room than in the dining room or even ordering room service.

As for the workout, a piece of tubing fits nicely in your luggage without adding any weight. Anything that you can do with weights or Pilates equipment you can do with tubing. If you don't know how, take a few lessons from a certified personal trainer. By working out in your hotel room, you needn't take safety risks working out alone or with strangers in the hotel fitness center.

If you're at your family's place and they have no equipment, you only need some floor space and your tubing to hit every muscle that you normally would. As far as cardio, put on some tunes, the TV, or a CD and do dance aerobics for twenty or thirty minutes. Who cares what you look like?

You'll be glad later when everyone else is making excuses that their business takes them out of town so much that they can't stick with a program.

Copyright (c) 2004 Jane Riley, Designing Bodies

Designing Bodies, a one-on-one professional fitness-training center, is not your typical fitness center. At Designing Bodies, General Manager Jane Riley insures that her customers are leading healthy lifestyles and helps them to reach their health potential. Riley has worked in the health and fitness industry for nearly thirty years, having received degrees in both kinesiology and psychology. Her clients have ranged from the very fit, world-ranked athlete to the recuperating accident victim, and from young women with self-esteem problems to the elderly wanting to regain balance and strength.

Riley previously owned a company in the Toronto-area that provided personal fitness training and corporate wellness programs for nearby organizations. As part of the packages offered to individuals and corporations, Riley offered programs on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle consultation and stress reduction techniques. While in Toronto, Riley also owned a business building and networking firm, responsible for holding trade shows and publishing an industry newspaper allowing companies to liaise.

In addition to her businesses, Riley has been featured as a guest lecturer at many universities around the country on health and fitness topics. She also hosted her own radio talk show for several years, which featured guests from both the fitness and medical community.

Now in Raleigh, Jane Riley is the General Manager of the exclusive personal fitness-training studio, Designing Bodies, located at 7440 Six Forks Rd., Suite 14. She is looking forward to helping as many people in the Raleigh-area with their health and fitness agendas. For more information on Designing Bodies or to schedule an interview with Jane Riley, please call 919-676-6087, or send an email to dsgnbody@bellsouth.net.

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