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May 2004 Newsletter

Industry News Update

Dear Fellow Business Traveler,

A lot has been happening in the travel fitness industry. More and more hotels and airlines are offering new or expanded fitness opportunities to their customers.

In this issue, I share a few of the more noteworthy happenings.


To Your Health,

Customer Service, Healthy Travel Network




As these industry leaders demonstrate, the days of the dark, damp hotel gym are limited.

..:: After an independent survey showed how important fitness is to most business travelers, Westin hotels launched the West inWORKOUT(SM) Powered by Reebok. The program aims to overhaul all of the Westin fitness facilities in North America with new strength and cardio equipment, personal music and TV options, special Reebok equipment, and Reebok-designed fitness programs.

..::  Hilton Hotels has an in- room fitness program that includes treadmill-equipped rooms.

..:: Omni Hotels launched it's Get Fit program with rooms that include a treadmill, dumbbells, floor mat, bottle water, and healthy snacks.

..::  The Affinia Dumont (NY, NY) has in-room workout areas, including yoga and stregnth training equipment. They also have a fitness concierge that will provide running maps and health seminars.




I would never put "fitness" next to "airline" in a word association game, but it seems that a couple of the airlines are actually marketing to their health-conscious flyers.

..::  In the seatback pocket on Jet Blue flights, you'll find instruction cards for both in-flight Pilates and yoga. You can even print out the exercises from their web site.

..::  Delta's Song airlines is in the process of launching an in- flight exercise program as well. Their's will include a ball and resistance band, and is expected to be on all flights by the end of the summer.



Fast Food

We've all seen the recent spate of fast food restaurant's that have introduced various diet options. Here's a sampling:

..::  Applebee's just announced that they have introduced ten Weight Watchers menu items. The Weight Watchers' POINTS® values will be right on the menu, so you can choose wisely.

..::  Already famous for its lowfat subs and Jared, Subway has introduced Atkins-endorsed wraps and salads.


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