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March 2004 Newsletter

Take Control When Dining Out

Dear Fellow Business Traveler,

Thank you to one of our readers, Chris Duke, for providing the idea and inspiration for this month's newsletter: 10 Tips for Dining Out.

Chris and his wife Debbie are the owners of Anna's Gourmet Goodies, a Raleigh-based bakery that uses only the finest ingredients. Chris and Debbie have recently launched a line of gift-wrapped cheesecakes that make fabulous gifts for customers, employees, or vendors.

If you're wondering about the irony of a cheesecake vendor providing the idea for a health and fitness column, you should know that both Chris and Debbie are models of fitness and moderation, rising each morning to practice yoga before work and somehow avoiding over indulging in the many sweets that are always to be found in their kitchen. They are models for us all!

Visit Anna's at www.annasgourmetgoodies.com.

To Your Health,

Customer Service, Healthy Travel Network



10 Tips for Dining Out

When you're traveling for business, you are often at the mercy of others-your boss, your clients, the airlines. You may not even have a choice about where you eat. You can, however, take control over what you eat.

Here are 10 easy tips to remember when dining out.

Portion Control

..:: 1. Ask if the restaurant has half portions or lunch- size portions.

..:: 2. Order a to-go box with your meal. When the meal arrives, put half of it into the box right away.

..:: 3. Indulge in dessert, but ask to see the dessert tray so that you can see the portion sizes before ordering.

..:: 4. Ask the waiter to split one dessert between everyone at the table.

Watch for Hidden Calories

..:: 5. When the waiter brings the breadbasket, move it to the other end of the table or get rid of it altogether.

..:: 6. Ask to have your meal (including vegetables) prepared without butter or oil.

..:: 7. Ask for sauces and dressings to be served on the side.

..:: 8. Substitute steamed vegetables for rice, potatoes, or pasta.

..:: 9. Avoid alcohol. For a festive alternative, try cranberry juice with diet ginger ale or Sprite.

..:: 10. Use artificial sweetener in your coffee, and ask for skim milk rather than cream.

Remember, your boss might dictate your travel schedule, but you are in control of what goes into your body!



Fit Travel News

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