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June 2004 Newsletter

Book Review


Dear Fellow Business Traveler,


Up this month, I review a great new book on fit travel and highlight our new Amazon affiliate partnership!


To Your Health,

Customer Service, Healthy Travel Network




Fitness for Travelers: The Ultimate Workout Guide for the Road

by Suzanne Schlosberg with the American Council on Exercise

I've been checking out reading resources on the topic of fit travel, and this is one of the best books that I've found.


Ms. Schlosberg and her fellow contributors at the American Council on Exercise have put together a fabulous reference book that covers everything from mental and physical preparation, cardio and strength training routines, to stretching and de-stressing. The authors provide down-to-earth, useful information and a wide variety of references to other useful web sites and books.


Highlights include:


..:: Savvy restaurant eating tips, including some excellent information on nutritional content of typical airport fare.

..:: Jump rope cardio workout routine

..:: Tips and workouts for swimmers faced with tiny pools

..:: Strength training routines using those crazy multi- function gyms that you find at many hotels

..:: Basic yoga poses for stretching and relaxation


The Ultimate Workout Guide for the Road is only $11.20 when you purchase through Healthy Travel Network's new Amazon affiliate partnership.

Simply click on the book image or visit Healthy Travel Network to browse other fit travel books.

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