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June 2004 Newsletter

Industry News Update


Dear Fellow Business Traveler,

A lot has been happening at Healthy Travel Network and in the travel fitness industry, so I wanted to share a few mid-month updates.


To Your Health,

Customer Service, Healthy Travel Network





Frequent Fliers Get Fit

I'm excited to annouce that Healthy Travel Network is now the exclusive provider of travel fitness content for FrequentFlier.com, the world's largest frequent flier web site with over 150,000 subscribers.

The site's free weekly newsletter, The Frequent Flier Crier, is packed with valuable tips and news on the travel industry's customer loyalty programs. If you aren't already a subscriber, I highly recommend joining.


Healthy Travel Network provides Frequent Flier Crier readers with monthly tips and information on travel fitness. Check out our first contribution in the June 9 edition.





Fitness Fanatical Airlines

I previously reported that Jet Blue had established itself as the fitness leader of airlines with its in-flight yoga exercises.

They've taken it a step further with new Pilates in-flight exercises. Both mini-workouts are described on cards kept in that trusty seat-back pocket. For those of you traveling on other airlines, you can download the exercises in PDF format from Jet Blue's web site.

Modeled after Jet Blue, Delta's Song airlines has followed suit with an in-flight exercise kit. Selling for $8, the kit includes an exercise ball (think baseball-sized), resistance band, and instruction booklet. The kits should be on-board this month, with an in-flight video due out in the fall.

The Song exercise kit was featured in last week's US News and World Report, and on a more humorous note, was modeled by a woman wearing the highest stiletto boots that I've ever seen on an airplane... or anywhere else. The workout she'll get teeter-tottering through the Atlanta airport will be enough to negate the need for the kit! Even the US News editors got a kick out of her attire.

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