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January 2004 Newsletter

Fit Airports

Dear Fellow Business Traveler,

Welcome to the first edition of the Healthy Travel Network newsletter! Thank you for registering.

In this month's edition, I profile "Fit Airports" and provide tips and tricks for getting some exercise in between flights.

I welcome your feedback on how to make this a useful publication, so please send me your suggestions and/or ideas for future topics.

As always, happy and healthy travels!


To Your Health,

Customer Service, Healthy Travel Network



Fit Airports

Ah, the joys of winter travel! I spent 15 hours and five flight segments getting from Raleigh to snowy State College, PA and back again just before Christmas. As you might have guessed, much of it was spent waiting. And waiting. And waiting some more.

I did manage to finish my holiday cards during the trip up, but 15 hours in airports and airplanes really makes you feel like a slug! If only I had planned ahead, I could have used my wait time more wisely and gotten in a workout in between flights.

Workout? At the airport? Yes! With a little research and planning, there are many opportunities to grab a quick workout in between flights. More and more airports and airport hotels are offering fitness facilities and making them easily accessible to folks for use during long layovers.

Las Vegas

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, NV is the leader in this area with an on-site 24 Hour Fitness gym. As Debbie Miller at the McCarran PR department told me, the gym was originally envisioned as a perk for employees of the airport, aviation department, and airlines, but quickly became a favorite spot for regular travelers like you and me.
The state-of-the-art facility offers treadmills, elliptical cross-trainers, stair climbers, and Lifecycle bikes, as well as a full line of Cybex, Body Master, Life Strength, and Icarian weight training equipment. 24 Hour Fitness does it up right with a variety of classes, full locker rooms, steam rooms, and dry sauna, as well as energy snacks if you need to grab some quick food.

Sounds great, but you're wondering about travel- specific logistics, right? No problem! 24 Hour Fitness has thought of everything, including lockers for stowing your luggage, computer terminals for checking flights, and a fitness package that includes shorts, shirt, socks, towel, a one-time athletic shoe rental.

What about the gambling, you say? Well, you need something to grab onto while you do your quad stretches. A slot machine seems as good as anything else!

24 Hour Fitness SpecsMcCarran Airport - 24 Hour Fitness

Las Vegas Airport / 24 Hour Fitness Specs:

  • 14,000 sq feet
  • Located on second level, main concourse
  • Club opens Mondays at 5:00 am and stays opened 24 hours until 11:00 pm Friday night
  • Open Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Workout Pack ($15)-For those with their own gear, this package includes complete use of all facilities and a souvenir 24 Hour Fitness towel.
  • Complete Pack ($25)-The "complete pack" comes in handy for folks that want to work out, but don't have the appropriate gear with them. Includes workout shorts, shirt, socks, towel, a one-time athletic shoe rental and complete use of the club.
(Yes, the shoe rental kind of scares me too.)

Leaving Las Vegas...

Haven't been to Las Vegas lately? Not to worry. There are a surprising number of workout options at other airports, mostly associated with an airport hotel or nearby gym. When planning your trip, check out www.airportgyms.com. This handy web site lets you search by state to see workout options within a short distance of the local airport.
The site is maintained by travelers, so if you find a new gym, be sure to contribute this information to the site.

When all else fails, there's always walking! The average woman burns 90 calories while walking at a 2 mile per hour pace for 30 minutes, or 156 calories at a 4 mile per hour pace (181 for you guys out there), so put on your walking shoes, stash your luggage in a locker, and hit the terminal walkways.



Travel Fit Tips

..:: When flying, wear comfortable clothes that can double as workout gear. If you're not wearing your sneakers, pack them in your carry-on.

..:: Plan ahead by checking www.airportgyms.com for workout options.

..:: Don't be intimidated by your fellow business travelers who look at you like you're crazy when you say you are going to the gym in between flights. Remember, you're the one who is staying fit and healthy!

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