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April 2004 Newsletter

Planning for Travel Fitness

Dear Fellow Business Traveler,

Finding time to exercise while you travel is challenging. As with any other goal, success starts with planning and commitment.

In this issue, I share a few easy tips for defining your travel fitness goal, planning for success, and achieving it.


To Your Health,

Customer Service, Healthy Travel Network



Determine the Constraints

We're subject to many unknowns when traveling. Before you can define a realistic travel fitness goal, you need to research the constraints within which you'll have to operate.

Remember these tips:

..:: 1. When booking your hotel, call ahead, check Healthy Travel Network's Fit Hotel directory, or check out www.airportgyms.com to get details about available exercise facilities.

..:: 2. If no facility is available, brainstorm alternative activities such as running, walking, or an in-room workout.



Define Your Goals

We're familiar with defining goals for client and vendor meetings; do the same with your fitness goals for your trip. For example, your goal might be to exercise at least once during the trip or to begin and end each day with 15 minutes of stretching.

When defining your goals:

..:: 3. Be flexible within the constraints imposed by your travel schedule and logistics. If your goal is to run everyday, but the hotel location isn't safe, look for alternatives such indoor biking, treadmill, or simply climbing the stairs in the stairwell.

..:: 4. Make your goal realistic and achievable. If your goal is to workout for an hour everyday, but you have a 10-hour client meeting, adjust your expectations and goal for that day.

..:: 5. Record your goal in your day planner or email it to yourself.

..:: 6. Pack appropriately, according to the weather and type of activity that you've planned.




You've figured out logistics and defined achievable goals. Now make a commitment to yourself to success.

..:: 7. On the outbound plane ride, review your goal. Is it realistic and achievable?

..:: 8. Schedule your workout time on your calendar, and commit to keeping your scheduled appointment.

..:: 9. Say "No thanks!" to co-workers and clients who infringe on your personal appointment times.  Treat your personal fitness appointments with the same respect and commitment that you would a client appointment.




..:: 10. At the end of your trip, celebrate your success with a family member, friend, or co-worker.

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