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Dec 13, 2007

Watch this before you stay at another hotel.

We came across this report, The Hidden Truth Behind Hotel Drinking Glasses. Certainly, not every hotel employs these practices, but it's pretty disturbing and is definitely worth a look. Our advice... It's always better to be safe than sorry.

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Oct 1, 2007

Exercise Tip of the Week

There are some people who, through traveling constantly or by way of the sheer amount of time they have spent exercising or in the fitness industry; can create a fitness routine with no real equipment at all. Now some of you reading this may have no idea what all can be done to turn your hotel room into a provisional workout room if there are no other options.

Remember that working the largest muscle groups by way of compound movements is the most effective means of burning calories and building lean muscles. Some examples of these are: squats, push-ups, chin-ups. In a basic hotel room there is of course plenty of area for push-ups, and if you want to go a bit deeper in order to use more of the chest, shoulders and triceps you can use a couple of the hotel phone books and place one under each hand when doing push-ups. As long as your hotel room has walls (let us know if you find one that doesn't) you can find a place to do a wall squat. Simply place your back against the wall, keep your feet pointed straight ahead shoulder width apart, and with your heels about 18" from the wall. Take your body down until your thighs are almost parallel with the floor, and with your back, hips and head against the wall, hold the squat there. Performing chin-ups can be difficult here for a number of reasons. One reason being that most people cannot perform a chin-up with their own body weight, and the other reason being that neither the coat and hat rack that is bolted to the wall, nor the shower curtain rod are going to hold up for this (don't try this just to try and prove me wrong). So, for the back you can perform the superman (or superwoman) by lying down on your stomach as if skydiving with your arms straight out to the side and then lift your legs and upper body off of the floor but while looking down at the carpet (don't arch the back).

Oct 1, 2006

Turning a Family Vacation into an Exercise Opportunity

Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of business travel we often overlook that a family vacation can be an excellent opportunity reconnect with your family and teach your children the importance of exercise. For families who are up to the challenge, outdoor or nature oriented vacations provide the perfect opportunity.

For the brave and truly outdoorsy types going camping and building a tent is the best choice, however if you're not quite ready to give up all of your creature comforts like electricity and indoor plumbing a cabin is a more logical choice. If you really want to get the most out of your vacation select a destination with just the basics, that means no TV, no internet and no cell phone reception. Remember a vacation is about giving your mind some downtime to recharge as well as your body. While none of us wants to torture our children or spouses if you can get them to agree to a “gadget free” vacation go for it, otherwise give them a one gadget limit to keep the peace.

If you are looking for a wide variety of activities to keep your fellow campers happy and entertained choose a family campground, lodge or dude ranch. They usually have a variety of options like horseback riding, archery, swimming, and trial or mountain biking. These facilities usually include arts, crafts, parties and dinner shows as well, and are very family friendly even for small children.

If you're looking for more of an adventurous nomadic like vacation, try a canoe or river rafting trip. These trips are usually multi family venues with several guides to keep the show running. You'll travel down streams and rivers by day getting lots of exercise paddling and steering. At night you set up camp by the fire and get some great stories and some education on the way. Take your level of experience into account when selecting your tour package.

If your want a more land based vacation, try someplace with hills or mountains that that allow hiking or biking. This type of vacation allows you to go at your own time table without feeling like you are holding up the group. If you and your family enjoy it you can make it a yearly or semi-yearly event. You can even set multi state goals such as hiking up the highest mountain in every state.

If you're ready to plan an outdoor vacation that will have a lot of exercise here are some tips to keep in mind:

Don't over exert the group. Not everyone may be in perfect shape and may need more frequent breaks. It's always easier to make things more difficult, but not as simple to make things easier.

Don't push to hard. Kids who are in school or day or your spouse who sits behind a desk may not be used to continuous physical exertion. Realize everyone has limits and don't go beyond them.

Stay hydrated. Make sure everyone has enough water for the trip. Some people prefer sports or energy drinks but are careful of the carbs and sugar.

Safety first. If you're going off without a guide into the woods bring a basic first aid kit. If your cell phone works it's ok to bring it just don't use it to call the office and close that one last sale.

Remember that by showing kids exercise is not just something you do but something that can be fun you are teaching them an important life lesson.

This article was written by Allison Preston who runs the fitness website Allison writes about a variety of health, fitness, and diet, nutrition and exercise subjects in her fitness blog, and reviews popular consumer fitness and diet products on her website

Apr 17, 2006

Healthier Fast Food Found in Europe

Three Danish doctor's surveyed McDonald's and KFC food in the US and in several European countries and found widely varying nutrition content, especially trans fats. In one McDonald's meal, the Dane's only consume one gram of trans fats, while New York city diners will consume 10 grams in the same sitting! Read the entire article on fast food trans fats before your next business trip.

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Your monthly customized DVD will include two 40 minute personalized training sessions--led by the personal trainer you selected--along with a 30 minute cutting edge cardio session taught by an elite roster of cardio rock stars.

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Mar 27, 2006

Eat Smart!

If you're looking for healthy dining options in Ontario, Canada (e.g., Toronto), be sure to check out the Eat Smart web site. Developed by a coalition of various Canadian non-profits, the web site contains a searchable directory of restaurants that:
  • Provide healthy menu options
  • Maintain excellence in sanitation and food safety
  • Are 100% smoke free
The directory contains 170 restaurants in Toronto alone. Check it out the next time you are traveling in Ontario!

Mar 21, 2006

Lose Weight... Save Money

In a new marketing twist, a hotel in Germany is charging guests based on their weight in an effort to encourage weight loss. Heavier guests aren't penalized for their weight (no one pays more than the standard room rate), but slimmer guests are rewarded with a reduced rate.

Read the full article on this hotel's weight loss program.

Mar 20, 2006

Travel Fit Tip: Packing Healthy Snacks

Travel Fit Tip: Always pack healthy snacks, regardless of the duration of your trip.

The easiest way to avoid the fast food binge is to avoid the situation that causes it. Personally, if I'm hungry and surrounded by junk food, I am powerless to avoid it. So, when I pack my business suit, I also pack healthy snacks and meal alternatives that travel well.

I've successfully used all of these on trips of up to five days, even when a refrigerator isn't available:

  • Raisins, apples, oranges, pears
  • Bananas
  • Dried fruit—Avoid brands loaded with extra sugar.
  • Meal replacement bars—Avoid "candy bar" styles and opt for something with more substance; this may be your only dinner!
  • Dry cereal—Look for whole grain options, with no added sugar
  • Carrots, celery—A good choice if you know you'll need a snack or meal substitute on your first day traveling.
Look through your pantry to see if some of your favorite foods might be candidates. Double-check the label before you make your selections, and avoid high calorie, high sugar items like breakfast bars. You can use these as a last resort, but chances are you will be only helping your wallet, not your waistline.

Be sure to pack your items in carry-on so that you will have them when you need them. Plan the amount of food to match your trip duration, and be prepared for day trips as well.

Mar 13, 2006

Travel Fit Exercise of the Week: Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a great combination strength exercise and cardiovascular exercise. They simultaneously target glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest, and abdominals, and will get your heart pumping!

Begin in a push-up position. Jump one leg forward into a low lunge position. Alternate to the other leg. The trick is to do these continually, back and forth, back and forth. John demonstrates at the start position at left, and finish at right.

Mountain ClimbersMountain Climbers

Try three sets of 20 reps with your next workout. (Both legs make up one rep. For example, John is showing only half a rep above.)

Mar 7, 2006

Get Free Stuff for Staying Fit and Healthy

It's My Bod is a cool new program that motivates you to exercise and eat right by giving away lots of free stuff! For a scant $5 per month, you can quickly rack up enough points to get gift cards for major stores, airlines, etc.

You accumulate points simply by tracking your fitness and calorie intake. For example, you get 2 points per day for staying below 2,000 calories. Even if you indulge, you can still get 1 point per day for eating up to 2,500 calories. Similarly, you get (typically) 1 point per 30 minutes of your favorite exercise. You can earn up to 16 exercise points per day.

Even if you aren't an exercise junkie, it's easy to accumulate points. You'll more than break even on the program just by eating right and exercising for one hour, three times per week. At that rate, you'll be able to get a $75 gift card, which more than covers the $5 per month membership fee.

Better still, if you join a health club or renew your membership, you immediately get a 250 point bonus! With the moderate exercise program described above, that immediately pushes your annual reward up to $100. Pretty cool, huh?

Lest you think the gift card will be worthless, you can redeem your It's My Bod gift card at any of:

Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Bloomingdales, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Circuit City, COMPUSA, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Dillard’s, Eddie Bauer, Foot Locker, The Home Depot, JC Penny, J. Crew, Kaufmann's, Linens-N-Things, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Sam Goody, Sears, Sharper Image, Target, Toys R Us, Waldenbooks, Wal-Mart, Applebee’s, Bahama Breeze, Bennigan’s, Chili’s, Cracker Barrel, Olive Garden, Omaha Steaks, Outback, Red Lobster, Smokey Bones BBQ, Starbucks, Steak and Ale, TGI Fridays, Wegmans, Visa Gift Card, Amtrak, Air Tran Airways, ATA Airways, America West Airlines, Continental Airlines, Jet Blue Airways, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines Vacations, US Airways, Best Western, Hyatt, Marriott, Carnival Cruise Lines and Budget Rent A Car

There's no annual commitment, so give It's My Bod a try!