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Mar 6, 2006

Water: The Natural Appetite Suppressant

Water accounts for over half of your body weight and plays important roles in weight loss and maintenance. For instance your kidneys rely on water to eliminate waste from your body. When you don't drink enough water, the liver steps in to help your kidneys flush out that waste. As a consequence, your liver becomes less efficient at its role in converting stored fat for use as energy--a very important role indeed when you are cutting back on Calories. Drinking plenty of water ensures that your kidneys will be able to do their job and your liver its.

Water also acts as an appetite suppressant. The signals from your stomach that tell your brain that it is full don't include messages indicating the nature of the contents that have filled it. Drinking water throughout the day to keep your stomach full can trick your body into thinking it is satisfied.

The problem with water, though--especially when you are traveling--is that your body can't store it. You must constantly replenish it. Try to drink at least eight to ten, 8-ounce glasses of water or water-based beverages per day. (If you will be more active during your travels, increase that amount.) You can also get water through the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and dairy products because large portions of those foods are water.

The above was excerpted with permission from The Complete Travel Diet, by Terry Riley, PhD and owner of TraveLean, a corporate weight management program for business travelers.


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