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Exercise: The Stress and Fat Buster

Travel today is, if anything, more stressful than in the past. If you allow stress to get the better of you, it can put the double whammy on your plans to lose or maintain your weight while you are traveling.

Stress increases levels of cortisol, which can act to stimulate a craving for carbohydrates often in the form of sweets. What's more, cortisol facilitates the storage of fat on your body. So no only does stress stimulate your appetite, it lures you to high-Calories foods and then makes it easier for your body to store the excess Calories as fat. Yikes!

Exercise can play a dual role here in helping to burn Calories and at the same time alleviate stress.

The above was excerpted with permission from The Complete Travel Diet, by Terry Riley, PhD and owner of TraveLean, a corporate weight management program for business travelers.


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