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Travel Fit Tip: Stretching Benefits

No time for a workout but need something to get the blood flowing? Stressed to the max and need to unwind?

Try a 15 minute mild stretching routine. Stretching is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system, helping to cleanse your body of toxins, restore circulation, and rejuvenate.

We highlight the traditional forward bend here. Check back periodically for additional stretches, or create some of your own.

To start:
  • Turn off the TV. If you want music, find something that's soothing.
  • Put on comfortable clothes or jammies.
  • Take your shoes off and preferably your socks as well.
  • Get a large bath towel so that you don't have to stand or lay directly on the floor.
  • Hold each pose for five long breaths.
  • Breath in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth.
Forward Bend
Begin standing with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly flexed. Bend forward from the hips, folding in half, letting your arms hang towards the floor. Just relax and let the weight of your body pull you down towards the floor. Hold for five breaths.

Inhale and simultaneously raise your head, casting your glance about a foot in front of your feet. Try to elongate your spine as you inhale. Exhaling, let your head fall down again and reach deeper into the stretch by hooking your forefingers around your big toes. Hold for several breaths.

Inhale and look up again, further elongating your spine. Exhale, and take the pose deeper if you can. Hold for five breaths.

Release your toes. Gently roll back up into a standing position, coming up one vertebrae at a time, raising your head last.



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