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Travel Fit Tip: Make Your Own Trail Mix

A quarter cup of typical store-bought trail mix has 177 calories, 12 grams of fat (including several grams of saturated fat), lots of added sugar, and little fiber.

Consider making your own, for a cheaper, healthier alternative. Mix together any combination of these ingredients, or come up with some new flavors on your own:
  • Soy nuts--High in protein and fiber, soy nuts don't contain any saturated fat
  • Almonds--Try almonds instead of peanuts. Almonds have less than half to calories and fat of peanuts, and have no saturated fat
  • Dried apricots or other dried fruit--Be sure to check the label for varieties with no added sugar; chop large fruit such as apricots or the calories add up quickly
  • Raisins
Mix together and section into single-serving zip lock baggies.


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