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Travel Fit Tip: 30 minutes? 60 minutes? 90 minutes? How much do you need?

The federal government's recently released guidelines recommend as much as 90 minutes of exercise per day, but also discuss as little as 30 minutes per day. In distilling the recommendations of its experts, the government may have lost the true meaning in the translation.

Generally speaking, you need to get 30 minutes of exercise each and every day to prevent chronic illness and disease. Keep in mind, that this doesn't mean you have to make a trip to the gym every day. For you, it could mean walking the dog, playing softball, gardening, vigorous housework, etc.

To prevent long-term weight gain (the 10 years, 10 pounds syndrome), you need 60 minutes of moderate exercise on most days. Again, this doesn't have to mean a trip to the gym every day. Moderate exercise includes walking, dancing, hiking, etc. Playing golf on Saturday? Then you're good to go.

Those trying to lose weight and/or who were previously overweight may need 60 to 90 minutes per day of exercise. Of course, the more vigorous the exercise, the faster you will lose weight. Previously overweight individuals may have slower metabolisms, which require them to exercise longer to achieve the same benefits.

Bottom line: Don't be a coach potato.


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